Monday, March 11, 2013

This Week's Adventure: Vacation!

Sometimes, and I'm sure everyone has been at this particular point of frustration, it is necessary to either take a week of vacation, or burn down your office building.  So this week I took vacation.

Friday: Atlantic City Beer Festival

The Allagash Curieux was pretty great, as was the Cape Cod Belgian Gold.  Not great was the man from Old Dominion.

If you've got a brewery, and there is a beer tasting festival, you're going to assume that people are going to be drunk.  I feel like that's pretty much a given.  It was the end of the night and my two friends were dancing with Bouncing Souls (...) and asked me to get them a sample.  So I popped over to Old Dominion.  I had three of the little tasting mugs in my hand and the man said, "No freaking way am I filling up three for you."  

Me : Ok fine, just the cherry blossom for me, then.

Man : Alright, what do your "friends" want?
("friends" in air quotes. I could have ripped off his fingers.)
Me : Do you have a stout?
Man : We have an oatmeal stout and an oak barrel stout. 
Me : One of each, please

He filled up the glasses and handed them back and said "This one is the oatmeal stout", which he put in my left hand, "and this one is the oak barrel stout", which he put in my right, "Not that you'll remember anyway. Drunk idiots."

Why the attitude? I was not drunk, and I did remember.  And the cherry blossom ale wasn't anything great, by the way.  

Old Dominion guy- get a life.

After the convention ended we went to the Trump Taj Mahal, where we had booked accommodation at an extremely reasonable rate.  Friends went off to watch the sunrise, and I hit the slot machine.  

I don't understand how slot machines work.  Sometimes stuff wins, and sometimes it doesn't.  It makes no sense.  But I played the slot machine with the pictures of kitties on it and I won a whopping $39, which is pretty exciting for me. I've never won anything before! I won $39! 

Saturday : Slept.

Sunday : iHop

Every Sunday my brother and his wife and their two adorable daughters come over for playtime and dinner.  That's always nice.  

And then I went to iHop and got the Cinnastacks pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fries.  And I ate it. Because it was good.  

Monday : New York

I took my dad with me to visit Catherine in New York.  My parents adore Catherine.  She came for Easter dinner and when she left my mom said, "I feel like she's my adopted South African daughter." So my dad was pretty pumped to see New York and buy Catherine food.

We went to Prospect Park Zoo, which is incredible.  It has red pandas, and prarie dogs, and a dingo, and sheep, and bats, and monkeys, and seals!  It's a pretty great zoo.  We took pictures.  

So that was a good day!
We had Madiba for dinner, then my dad and I sprinted through the city to catch the bus home!

Tuesday : Bowling

I went to Philly and went bowling in the Northern Liberties.  If you've been to North Bowl, you know its appeal.  I started strong with 2 spares and a strike, and finished the game with consistent gutter balls.  If nothing else, at least I can say that I'm consistent.

Wednesday : Loafing

I loafed around the house Wednesday.  At 5pm I took a shower and went to the store for beer and Rice Krispies.  I got home, ate some food, made black bean soup for future consumption, and made Rice Krispie treats (and ate half the pan by 9).

Thursday : Shopping

I like shopping.  I'm currently on the market for summery dresses, and a really nice pair of jeans.  

Does anyone else hate shopping for jeans as much as I do?  It's hard.  I can visualize in my mind what I want, but they don't exist in the world.  I want dark jeans, made from denim.  None of the flimsy cotton jeans that get worn out in a season.  I want real denim jeans.  None of the whiskering on the hips, no distressing, no prefabricated holes.  I would like them to make my butt look amazing.  I would like them to be skinny legged, but not cut off the circulation in my knees when I sit down.

Where do I find these jeans?  Someone tell me the secrets.