Monday, September 2, 2013

One Time Catherine and I Drove to Cape Cod

What a fancy road trip we'll have!

We went to Cape Cod for a long weekend to see whales, go to the beach, and probably flirt with some Kennedy's. 

Many hours of driving later we arrived in Cape Cod. We chose the $40/night room at Howard Johnson. First impressions of the room upon opening the door:
- there are likely bedbugs in those beds
- there are likely dead bodies under those beds
- it is also likely there are dead bodies in the bathroom

Though the man at the front desk denied it vehemently that it was bed bugs which bit Catherine's face so badly her eye was swollen shut, he did allow us to swap rooms. 

Room 2 was much nicer; not unlike my grandmothers guest bedroom circa 1993. This room had a sliding glass door which lead out to a small deck. It was on this deck that a gaggle of geese became offended by Catherine and chased her back inside.

Suffice it to say, Howard Johnson was not the best choice for accomodations. 

Perhaps it is common for Cape Cod to experience miserable weather in late August, but we were not expecting that it would rain all weekend. Whale watching: cancelled. We tried to go to a beach, but from where we sat, the fog was so thick we couldn't see the ocean. To add insult to injury, there were no Kennedy's to be found. 

We spent the weekend mostly sitting in our room, watching tv, and eating Dominos pizza. 

The weekend was not a complete bust, however. 
We each got a duck. A taxidermy duck. 

My guy plays a geeeetar.
Catherine's has a GUN! pew pew pew!

Maybe someday we can try going to Cape Cod again, only we will check the weather first, and also do research as to where the Kennedy's hang out, and how to infiltrate the clan for the purposes of attending fancy garden parties.