Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm A Muggle.

I grew up during the Decade of Harry.  I was on vacation in Denver when the last book was released- I went to the closest Walmart and sat in line until Midnight when it was released.

I have a necklace of an owl carrying a bit of mail in its talons, undoubtedly Hedwig.  Perhaps it's Pigwidgeon carrying Ron's Howler.

I went to Potted Potter to see the entire series acted out in 90 minutes.

It's my greatest desire to go to Harry Potter World.

I have a crush on Cedric Diggory.  duh.

I'm 27 years old.  And I'm a Muggle.

I'm a Muggle in the wizarding sense, in that I have no wizarding powers and I went to a normal high school sans robes, wands, and spying kitties.  I'm also a Muggle in the Muggle sense, in that I have no skills to speak of.

I'm at an impasse in my life.  It's time to move on from my current job.  The issue I'm encountering is that, though I desire a new career, I have no skills to aid in this transition.  I can hardly be defined as qualified to do the job I have now.  I've been in this field since I graduated college and now I fear I'm stuck.

I don't take kindly to feeling stuck.

What would I like to do instead?  I DONT KNOW.  I haven't the slightest clue what it is that I'm supposed to do instead.  I love to cook, but I can't cook well enough to be a chef.  I love to paint, but my skills are at a hobbyist level and not worth any amount of money.  I love to travel, but travel costs money and doesn't supply it.  And so I feel stuck.

What jobs are there for people like me?  At what job can a Muggle thrive?

If anyone knows of an open position, and the employer is looking for any/all of the following attributes, please send them my way.
- I am cripplingly shy when I first meet people.
- I tell really bad jokes.
- I ignore people who are rude to me, CEOs included.
- I'm not motivated by money.
- I am actually very friendly.  Maybe even flirty.
- I love to learn new things.
- I love helping people.
- I have an exceptional attention span for things that interest me.
- I'm not tidy, nor organized.
- I'm logical, mostly.
- I'm sometimes emotional, but I keep sadness contained to the ladies room and anger contained to muttering under my breath.
- I'm very good at remembering things.
- I know a lot more about computers than a lot of people, but I hate computers.  Don't make me keep doing computers.
- I don't know anything about running an art gallery, but I want to anyway.

Employers, get in line.

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